Patricia Serafini

Premium coffee

But first, coffee

Offer your customers premium single-origin coffee grown in an ethical and sustainable way

Brazilian, living in Italy since 2019, coffee enthusiast since always.


I advocate for sustainable and ethical coffee production and a shorter supply chain, for the benefit of both producers and consumers.


I bring coffee, green or roasted, directly from selected farms, grown with respect for the environment and people in the local community.
With partners of great tradition and knowledge of specialty coffee, I will help you find the best option to offer your customers.


Since 2020, I represent Viva Coffee in Europe, a company with whom I share the values of a constant search for the best quality of coffee with ethical and sustainable production. We bring selected specialty green coffee directly from the farm to artisan roasters.


Fazenda Santo Agostinho is my source for roasted coffee beans, ground, or biodegradable capsules to specialized suppliers.