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Premium coffee

viva coffee


Founded by Lucas Sampaio in 2019, Viva Coffee Ltd is an Irish company that sources and supplies single-origin premium green coffee beans.

Some of the benefits Viva coffee Ltd can bring to you:


  • Coffee from farms, who ethically and sustainably produce their coffee;
  • Hand-selected, variety of premium green beans;
  • Reduced supply chain complexity – sourcing directly from farmers;
  • Assurances on Quality and Single Origin;
  • Viva Coffee Ltd imports directly to Ireland, so mitigating any foreign exchange or supply chain risk associated with Brexit;
  • Samples (green beans and roasted) to try before ordering;
  • We use our expertise to work with customers to identify their coffee requirements and source coffee to meet these needs using our extensive network of farmers and producers.

Contact me for samples and orders.

café santo agostinho



Café Santo Agostinho has been producing and supplying coffee since 1959.

With a focus on the farm-to-your-home concept, premium coffee is delivered in 500g packages in roasted, ground, and biodegradable capsule versions.


Grown at an altitude of 970m, the grains of Fazenda Santo Agostinho receive many prestigious awards in the region of Minas Gerais.


Feel free to contact us for samples and orders.